Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TeeTimeHelper adds "Clone" Feature

Easily create new golf events based on your current event

So, like many others event administrators, you have tried and see the value in the the organizing and reduction of e-mail clutter. Your golf group gives you positive feedback and wants you to use it again.

This is why we added the "clone" feature at the bottom of the event status page. Simply press this button and a new event screen will show up with your details, options, and group members pre-filled! This allows you to select a different date and send out more RSVP's with very little effort.

Our job is to make everyone's life easier - the organizer as well as the rest of the players. This is one way we want to help you out, by doing any unnecessary work for you and making the event planners life as simple as possible.

Please not the clone feature only prefills some data for a new event. You can make any changes as necessary before actually submitting the event and requesting RSVP's from your golf group.

Please enjoy the "clone" feature at!

The Team

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