Sunday, June 23, 2013

Organize your Tee Times FREE

The word is spreading! If you are in a golf group or want organize golfers you really need to try This is the easiest tool to help manage invites for your buddies or even a golf outing. Best of all, TeeTimeHelper is FREE. Yes, that's right. There are no fees, whatsoever.

And on top of being FREE, we don't even require you to have an account. Here's how it works. Simply use our one page golf event form and within 5 minutes you will be saving your self painful accounting, e-mail managing, and organizing time.

Keep in mind you are doing your entire group a favor by keeping things simple and straightforward. And not cluttering their inbox with status updates and other redundant messages.

TeeTimeHelper does all the work! After you confirm your event we send out the RSVP e-mails which allow your golfers to say yes or no, and even pick their own tee time if you have listed multiple times.

The e-mails are sent in a standard format, with everything clearly labeled so it's easier on your golfers to understand and RSVP.

So give a try, and then after your round ask your golf group how they liked it. We are sure you won't be disappointed.

The Team

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