Saturday, June 15, 2013

Organize Tee Times without the E-mail Clutter Reduces E-mail Clutter for Golf Outings

If you have ever tried to organize your golf friends for an outing you will know immediately that the volume of e-mail is a big problem.

For example, you send out a bunch of e-mails and everyone hits reply-all and the next thing you know your inbox is overflowing. Tack on people who change their status, some stale jokes flying around, and and all the status reports you suddenly find yourself spending more time organizing than playing golf.

One of the benefits of is the reduction in irrelevant e-mails. For example, if someone RSVP's "yes" then the event organizer gets an e-mail and the golfer gets a confirmation e-mail. The others can check the "View Status" page at any time they choose to see exactly what the status of the event is.

It's smooth and efficient golf organizing at it's best. The event organizer has complete control and can override tee times and add/remove golfers. When the organizer does an action like this TeeTimeHelper informs the organizer who will be e-mailed before the action is confirmed.

For example, if the organizer adds a tee time it states that the entire group will be notified as this may impact everyone and let them know what is going on. When the golf event organizer switches a golfer's tee time an e-mail is sent to the golfer to let them know of the change. The other golfers can see the changes when the look at the status page. figures out who needs to know what information immediately for an e-mail notification, and leaves the rest of the golfers alone to not be bothered by irrelevant changes for them.

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