Saturday, June 8, 2013

Golf RSVP System For Multiple Tee Times

Organize a Golf Event With Multiple Tee Times easily takes care of multiple tee times allowing you to add as many tee times from setup or during the event RSVP process. For example, you can setup two tee times but then if you realize more players are available you can add tee times in a snap. 

Once you create additional tee times the event organizer can switch golfers as they like. If two people prefer to play together it's not a problem. Or if you have an extra tee time you can consolidate the groups and remove the extra tee time.

In fact, almost all the settings are customizable at any time. Need to change from 4-somes to 2-somes? Not a problem. Want to change the date, or venue, it is easily handled. Everything is clear cut and TeeTimeHelper pages tell you what is going to happen if you proceed with any changes. only e-mails the relevant people, taking care of e-mail clutter that drags down many golf groups. Give  a try, it will help organize your tee times and your golf group will thank you for it, too!

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