Monday, July 6, 2020

Ask your Golf Group a Question when they RSVP

Several TeeTimeHelper admins e-mailed us asking how to add a custom question to their members when they RSVP.

For example, it may be helpful to know if your members are  walking or riding. Or perhaps you would like to know if they are staying for lunch.

We now have the solution - you can add Custom Questions and Answer Choices to your event. On the event creation page click on "Add a Custom Question" and you will be presented with the following fields:

You specify the question and answers your members can select

Your questions and answers are presented to your users in a drop down display - they must select one of your answer choices to RSVP yes for the event.

Your members see this dropdown when they RSVP

On the event status page you will see the answers next to each golfer in parenthesis:

Your status page indicates the answers selected

Custom Question and Answer Choices Tips

1. Be brief! Short questions and short answers are best. There is limited space to display the answer for each members so a one or two word answer is desirable.

2. Avoid Yes/No Questions. It's much easier to interpret the answer on the status page as "Walking" instead of "Yes"

3. The Question and Answer Choices are editable at any time, but please avoid changing the question or answer choices. The members who already responded will keep their original choice and have it displayed, so changing the question or answers can cause confusion.

As always, send us a message if you have any questions!

The TeeTimeHelper Team