Sunday, April 30, 2023

TeeTimeHelper golfers enjoy exclusive access to fill out their tee times

 TeeTimeHelper has introduced a locking system to allow members exclusive access to their chosen tee time in order to add their playing partners.

When a golfer RSVPs 'yes' to an event they have the option to add their playing partners.  Previously, some members encountered a situation where another invitee has taken a slot in the same tee time before they can finish adding their preferred playing partners.

We have solved this problem by giving members exclusive access for a limited time to fill out their tee time. Our system has optimized this procedure - if a user does not indicate they are adding members TeeTimeHelper automatically frees up the remaining slots for others. If we detect the user is in the process of adding more members the lock time is extended.

When golfers RSVP the default tee time is usually the first available. If a tee time is temporarily locked the next tee time will be the default. This means we minimize waiting when a tee time is temporarily locked and in most cases it is transparent to the other members.

A countdown time is displayed on the main event page for the tee times that are currently locked. Once the timer ends it completely disappears from the screen.

Please note that the tee time locking feature is only available for paid accounts for events with 20 or more members.

If you have any questions please contact us.

The TeeTimeHelper Team