Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Tee Time Tactics: RSVP Options for Your Golf Event

Choosing your Event Type

Creating a golf event with RSVPs involves planning how you'll manage tee times. The first decision is whether golfers will choose a specific tee time during RSVP, or simply commit to the event and be assigned a tee time later.

Events with Tee Times

If you want golfers to pick their own tee time during RSVP, you'll need a system that displays available slots. TeeTimeHelper calls this type of event 'An Event with Tee Times'.  This approach gives golfers the ability to select a tee time, but requires more organization upfront from the admin to enter the available tee times.

Events without Tee Times

When you first setup and event you may not know the exact tee times or you're just gauging interest before going into more detailed planning.

You can choose to have a single RSVP time for the entire event and then assign tee times later. This simplifies the RSVP process but requires additional communication to assign tee times fairly. Fortunately, TeeTimeHelper allows you to create  'An Event without Tee Times' and makes it easy to assign tee times afterwards and automatically notifies your members of their assigned tee time.

After you create an 'Event without Tee Times' you may wish to add tee times. Simply click the 'Add Tee Times' icon under the options. From there you can easily add your tee times and select the number of golfers for each group.

After confirming your selections and your event is modified with your selected tee times. Note, the members are added to each tee time in the order they RSVP'd. If there is insufficient slots for members the remaining members are added to the waitlist.

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The TeeTimeHelper Team