Thursday, August 29, 2013

Golf Radio Show Welcomes TeeTimeHelper Founder

The owner and creator of TeeTimeHelper, Sam Roseman, will make an appearance on a golf radio show "Those Weekend Golf Guys" Saturday, August 31st, 2013 at 1pm EST.  You can hear a live stream or listen to the podcast at . Sam will not only talk about TeeTimeHelper but also his experience with golf in the Middle East.

The radio show is hosted by John Ashton and Kristoff Smith. John is a self described "hacker" while Kristoff was the competitive golfer. Together they put on an entertaining two hour talk show every Friday and Saturday.  They don't like to talk about professionals or the PGA tour, rather they discuss things that make the game more enjoyable to the average golfer. The show is hosted in Kentucky but has a national reach because of the internet streaming.

If you are interested in a media appearance or have any questions you contact Sam at

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Keep your Golf List up-to-date by Cloning

Our "Clone event" option is becoming much more popular, and if you are the golf organizer you should definitely use it. Besides saving you time when you create a new event, it also has the side benefit of keeping your mailing list up-to-date.

For example, if you create event X, you send out your mailing and everything is great. But some people add their full names, others change their e-mail addresses. And you might have invited some golfers after the initial event was created. So if you create another event and use the same list, you will be using old information.

By "cloning" event X to event Y, now you are guaranteed using the list that your golfers have modified. Updated e-mail addresses and what name they prefer to use. It will include everyone on the list, including golfers that you have added at a later date for event X. It's almost like your list is evolving, getting better all the time.

So the way to keep the evolution of your golf list going is to use the "Clone event" when you are ready for event "Z" and beyond.

The Team

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Various Improvements for

Adding the latest set of features gave us the opportunity to put additional debugging code into the system and also give it a through testing. The latest features included giving the ability to message the entire golf group or only certain categories of golfers as well as inviting multiple golfers after the event was created.

Generally the additional debugging code is not visible to the users of TeeTimeHelper but we did uncover some potential glitches that were immediately fixed and uploaded to the production code.

We have worked hard to make the system as robust as possible and welcome any reports of unexpected behavior or feature suggestions. You can use our feedback form to send any comments.

The Team

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tell your Golf Group Organizer to get Organized

 You are conflicted. We understand your problem. You want to be a member of a golf group, but the e-mails generated from being on the listserve are just too much hassle. But if you get off the list then you would miss out on the rare  opportunities you would have to play golf.

Say your golf group goes out 10 times a year, but you can only make it two or three times. Your golf group has twenty people in it. You would get hundreds of e-mails and status updates directly to your inbox because of the reply-alls,  status updates, everyone's travel plans. You don't want all that, you just want to play golf.

There is a solution, we can help. Tell your golf group leader to use  That way you would get only e-mails that are relevant to you and you still get all the information on your buddies if you check the golf event status page when it is convenient for you. No more useless e-mails, tee time updates, golfer travel plans, or bad jokes.

You stay on the list because the list is organized, targeted and efficient. You are happy and your golf organizer is happy.

So tell your golf group buddy to use to organize your golf groups.

The Team

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Make your Group of Golfers Happy

The main hurdle with golf groups is the organizing part.  Say you have 20 or 30 golfers and you want to make some tee times. Without any tools you'll spend the next week on e-mail trying to figure out everyone's schedule and changes and sending status updates. And it drives your golfers nuts because they don't want the organizing to be a big production...they just want to play golf or not and be done with all the e-mails flying around. And of course, they can't say they don't want to be on the list because then they won't ever play golf again. So your golfers are stuck with the hassle of sifting through e-mails in order to get the opportunity to playing golf sometime.

But with the right tools such as your organizing task is now effortless and unobtrusive. Your golfers will be happy because they won't have to sift through dozens of e-mails and status updates in order to do what they want - play golf.

Your golf group will probably be so happy they will shower you with all kinds of golf gifts because you did the hard work of organizing. Little did they know that your task was incredibly easy with

So enjoy your golf with your buddies, and enjoy the time doing what you want to do instead of organizing with

The Team