Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tell your Golf Group Organizer to get Organized

 You are conflicted. We understand your problem. You want to be a member of a golf group, but the e-mails generated from being on the listserve are just too much hassle. But if you get off the list then you would miss out on the rare  opportunities you would have to play golf.

Say your golf group goes out 10 times a year, but you can only make it two or three times. Your golf group has twenty people in it. You would get hundreds of e-mails and status updates directly to your inbox because of the reply-alls,  status updates, everyone's travel plans. You don't want all that, you just want to play golf.

There is a solution, we can help. Tell your golf group leader to use  That way you would get only e-mails that are relevant to you and you still get all the information on your buddies if you check the golf event status page when it is convenient for you. No more useless e-mails, tee time updates, golfer travel plans, or bad jokes.

You stay on the list because the list is organized, targeted and efficient. You are happy and your golf organizer is happy.

So tell your golf group buddy to use to organize your golf groups.

The Team

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