Saturday, August 3, 2013

Make your Group of Golfers Happy

The main hurdle with golf groups is the organizing part.  Say you have 20 or 30 golfers and you want to make some tee times. Without any tools you'll spend the next week on e-mail trying to figure out everyone's schedule and changes and sending status updates. And it drives your golfers nuts because they don't want the organizing to be a big production...they just want to play golf or not and be done with all the e-mails flying around. And of course, they can't say they don't want to be on the list because then they won't ever play golf again. So your golfers are stuck with the hassle of sifting through e-mails in order to get the opportunity to playing golf sometime.

But with the right tools such as your organizing task is now effortless and unobtrusive. Your golfers will be happy because they won't have to sift through dozens of e-mails and status updates in order to do what they want - play golf.

Your golf group will probably be so happy they will shower you with all kinds of golf gifts because you did the hard work of organizing. Little did they know that your task was incredibly easy with

So enjoy your golf with your buddies, and enjoy the time doing what you want to do instead of organizing with

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