Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Easily Schedule Golf Events

Due to the popularity of our "clone event" feature we decided to make it even more awesome.

"Cloning" an event allows you to use your current event and make a similar golf event by pre-filling most the fields. This saves you time and hassle. For example, your golfers e-mail addresses are automatically shown from a new event page. This allows you to pick a new date and make any changes before  submitting the new golf event.

We make it easy for you to initially set up a golf event and just require your golfers e-mail address without their names. But when your golfers RSVP they can put in a name or nickname if they so choose.  And now, when you clone and event, we preserve the names for the golfers. This makes it easy for you to identify who you are inviting and their status. Additionally, they don't have to add their name each time, they can just click their RSVP preference.

And best of all, this still does not require any registration on their part, your golfers simply use the link sent to them in their e-mail.

Happy Golfing,

The TeeTimeHelper.com Team

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