Saturday, July 20, 2013 is Mobile Friendly

Organize Tee Times on our Mobile Phone

One of the nice things about using is that you can not only setup an event on your mobile phone but users on mobile phones can RSVP for tee times easily.

To keep things simple we do not even require a specific app for this service. Here's how the golf event RSVP system works. When the organizer sets up a new event an e-mail is sent by to all the golfers requesting an RSVP response of  "yes" or "no".

The golfers can click on the link to either choose their tee time, be added to the waiting list (if no tee time is available) or respond with "no". The link in their e-mail automatically opens up a web browser which allows them to enter their response. All the web site links on are mobile friendly in that it is easy to navigate and save their settings.

The golfers can also click the link just to view the golf event status, who is playing, who cannot make it, and any comments people have added.

At this point the golfer and bookmark the web page for easy future access or save the e-mail to click on the link to check the event status at a later date.

So give a try on your cell phone!

The Team

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