Monday, July 22, 2013

Tiger or Phil

Most people prefer to root for Tiger or Phil, and I think Phil picked up a lot of followers this week at the British Open, aka the Open Championship.

I usually watch golf not only because I enjoy it, but it's a safe subject for my kids to minimize their exposure to adult themes, violence or bad language. That combined with skipping through commercials on the TV made the Golf Channel a nice "go-to" channel.

But after watching this years British Open and comparing the reactions and mannerisms from Tiger and Phil, the choice for me is obvious - I wouldn't want my kids to act like Tiger. Tiger cursed several times on TV, yelled out in anger over shots, and made me feel uncomfortable.

After all the golf I watched over the last 10 years, I can't recall a golfer actually telling a caddie "it's my fault". I've seen golfers chew out their caddies, act disgusted, etc. But never actually take responsibility for a bad shot publicly like Phil did.

And when Phil won, you can see the hug he gave "Bones". There was no back slapping after a second, which is secret guy code for "stop hugging me". They hugged for a few seconds, and then both released because it was genuine.

After the win Phil hugged his family, something that I don't see Tiger doing anytime soon. As a father who knows how much less time you have to do things when you have a family vs. being single, it makes it all the more impressive. Who would you rather have your kids watch?

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