Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spend more Time Golfing instead of Organizing

Is trying to manage your golf group more trouble than it's worth? You want to set up some tee times, play some golf, and have some beers afterwards. But you cringe at sending out the e-mail blast because it seems more like babysitting then anything else.

Joe can play...Joe's now sick. .Ellen had to leave for business, Rodger wants to play with Ron because he wants a "game"...Ricks a maybe....etc, etc.

With tee time helper you can get all the status updates and let your golfers manage their own tee times within your event.

TeeTimeHelper sends out the e-mails to everyone individually so there are no reply-all responses that fill everyone's mailboxes. Your golfers are happy, and you are happy. We keep track of the latest golf list, and your golfers can change their status at any time.

As the organizer all you do is make the tee time and sit back and relax and check the status when you want. You get to play more golf and  organize less with

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