Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tee Time Helper Waiting List Details

TeeTimeHelper Waiting List Explained

So you have created a golf event with and invited a bunch of your friends to join your golf outing. Tee Time Helper gives priority those who RSVP's first. If the tee time(s) fill up the only options for the remaining users are and RSVP of "No" or to be "Added to the waiting list".

The waiting list is ordered by who signs up first. And there is only one waiting list per event. This is nice because it handles multiple tee times - if someone in any the tee times cancels then the first person on the waiting list is moved to the empty position.

Adding a Tee Time with and Existing Waiting List

You can also automatically move people off the waiting list by creating an additional Tee Time. If you have two people on the waiting list and then you go through the "Add Tee Time" link they will automatically fill the empty slots. The people moved off the waiting list are e-mailed because of their status change.

Waiting List Example

You created two tee times and the 8 slots filled up quickly. The remaining people are presented with the options for an RSVP of "No" or "Add to Waiting List". If 2 people accept the waiting list they are ordered by whoever responded first. So you have two tee times with 8 people, and a waiting list of 2 people. If one person cancels, the first person on the waiting list is moved to the empty slot and the second person on the waiting list is now moved to the first position on the waiting list. If another person cancels then they would be added to the tee time as well.

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