Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Specify Number of Golfers for each Tee Time

Customize your Event Limiting the Number of Golfers per Tee Time

We received a feature request from a user relating to the number of golfers per tee time. In the past it was fixed at four golfers, the standard number most courses allow. But some courses allow 5-somes, which was incompatible with the limits of

So we went back to the drawing board and added this as an option in the golf event signup page. But why stop there? Instead of allowing only 4 balls or 5 balls we added the option to allow 2-somes and 3-somes. So you could change the maximum number of golfers however you see fit.

In an effort to go the extra mile we also made this option customizable so even after you set up your event you can change the number of players per tee time. If you are reducing the maximum number of golfers per tee time and there are more than that number registered you need to free up the slots by  move golfers to another tee time or change their RSVP to "no".  If you are increasing the number of golfers per tee time you simply need to change the setting to allow future RSVPs for those tee times.

This required deeper ramifications for For example, the number of players per tee time has repercussion on the waiting list and how golfers are shifted off the waiting list onto new tee times or tee times that would suddenly allow more golfers.

Please enjoy the customizable number of golfers per tee time.

The Team

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