Sunday, April 9, 2017

Latest updates and fixes for TeeTimeHelper

We've made TeeTimeHelper more informative and easier to use with visual confirmation messages and big, bold buttons.

In the past TeeTimeHelper relied on wordy confirmation and error messages. We now use graphical elements to express what is happening with your RSVP's and event administration edits.

For example:

You can see the large green checkbox to confirm the golfer's information was changed. Conversely, we also show things that are not necessarily errors but not exactly confirmation that everything went as expected:

And then we also have the error messages such as:

And finally, we have made the buttons larger and easier to read, click and press:

As you can see the green buttons are larger and more distinguished. Also, when you hover the mouse over the button it will change to a different color to give you more visual feedback.

Please send us your comments for further TeeTimeHelper improvements! Some of our best ideas features have come from TeeTimeHelper users.

Happy Golfing!

The Team

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