Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to Run a Golf Tournament Easily

Organize a Golf Tournament 

Looking to set up a golf tournament for your friends, club, or charity event? Keeping track of invitees, paid participants, and current entries can be a challenge even for the most organized person.

Traditionally, these golf events were kept track on a notebook or spreadsheets with phone numbers. The fundamental problem with these methods is that the data is only known by few people until they decide to disseminate it. And it shifts the burden of work solely on those people, all the information bottlenecks through them.

 Luckly, we have advanced beyond the point of mailing around spreadsheets and making phone calls.

TeeTimeHelper can quickly send out RSVP's, organize your tee times, and give everyone the firsthand updates of the event status at any time. It's also simple and easy to use.

Using the one page event setup form you can create a golf outing and send your invites. You even have the option to allow the invitees to invite other guests - a great way to automatically grow your event. It's like delegating your marketing efforts to your participants which means less work for you!

At any point you can "lock" your event so no more changes can be made. And then you have the option to randomize the groups. You may wish to easily e-mail only the people who will be attending your golf outing...of course TeeTimeHelper can do that, too.

And when everything is set, print out your start sheet from TeeTimeHelper and you are ready to run your event.

So organize your golf tournament today!

The TeeTimeHelper Team

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