Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easily Organize a Golf Shotgun Event with TeeTimeHelper

You can organize different types of events with TeeTimeHelper. In this blog post we will focus on quickly hosting a shotgun event.

A golf shotgun event means everyone tees off at the same with groups starting on different holes. This allows a golf facility to fill up to the entire course at one time instead of having everyone start on the first hole with 8-12 minutes between each group.

The primary benefits of the shotgun start are two-fold. First, everyone finishes around the same time so more people can participate in a lunch or activity after the event. Secondly, golf operations people like shotguns because more people can fill the golf course at one time instead of having open golf holes with no golfers.

Running a shotgun event with TeeTimeHelper is similar to hosting other types of golf events, many of the fields are the same such as event date/time and venue.

Simply select the maximum number of tee times for your shotgun and invite your golfers. We handle sending the e-mail invites and keeping track of who has RSVP'd.

We'll even send a reminder message to your golf group the day before the event starts.

If you change your mind and wish to change your event to different tee times no problem, the standard TeeTimeHelper interface can handle this quickly without removing your event.

Setup a shotgun event today

Happy Golfing!

The TeeTimeHelper Team

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