Saturday, August 2, 2014

TeeTimeHelper adds "Event Note" option

We've had some feedback from our users (thank you!) to make available a way to add special notes to events. A few months ago we added a note at the tee time level, but it seemed like a good idea to make a notations at the golf event level.

For example, you may wish to describe the format of play or any special announcement regarding the event. Previously you would have needed to put that information with the golf course name which was confusing to the players.

So we added a golf event "note" which can be filled out when creating the event or edited afterwards. In the case were it is added or modified after creating the event we send out e-mail to your group to that effect.

Happy golfing,

The TeeTimeHelper Team


  1. It would be great if the "tee time level" not would be visible in the drop down on the RSVP, so when users go straight to sign up, they can see the corresponding notes associated with each time. Thanks!!

  2. Thank you, we have added that feature so the note is visible when a golfer signs up for an event.