Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Allow RSVPs to Events without a Private E-Mail Invite from TeeTimeHelper

Our programmers have gone crazy and you're going to love this one!

As an option, we now provide you a link  to allow anyone to RSVP for your event. (No advance e-mail invite needs to be entered in our system)

Here's how it works:

1) As usual you organize a golf event and submit it

2) Upon event submission you will also get a event invite link

3) Click on an app icon or copy and paste this link in social media, on web pages, in blogs, or to use in your own e-mails. You can promote it anywhere you want!

4) When someone clicks on the link they can RSVP right away - no e-mail invite needed

After someone RSVP's they are listed in our system as if they were invited via a TeeTimeHelper e-mail. They will receive event messages, reminders and have access to the chat room.

Let us know what you think!

The TeeTimeHelper Team

Sunday, August 25, 2019

TeeTimeHelper New Feature: Chat with your Golf Group

The team is excited to introduce group chat messaging for golf events.

Groups now have the ability to post private chat messages only to the event group members.

Chats are specific to each event. Every event has it's own chat and only the members in that event have access to the chat messages.

Please note, you must RSVP for the event in order to view and send chat messages.

There are notable differences between the new "Chat Message" feature and the  "Send Message" administrative option.

The chat message feature available to all group members, as opposed to the  the "Send Message" feature which is only available to group organizers.

Chat messages are designed for everyone to read and contribute at their discretion. Do to quantity of messages, group members are not immediately notified of chat messages until they open the event details page.

The"Send Message" option (available only to the group administrator) is a one way communication directly sent to the group members e-mail address. Because of this, important notices should still be sent by the group administrator using the "Send Message" feature.

For clarification please contact us!

The TeeTimeHelper Team

Monday, August 5, 2019

View All Your TeeTimeHelper Golf Events

We have a great tool for all TeeTimeHelper users! You can view all of you upcoming events without clicking on e-mails. Just go to

And all your events under your email will be listed. Please note for this feature to work it requires that you have viewed a tee time helper event in the past in the same web browser.

Happy Golfing
The TeeTimeHelper Team

Friday, June 8, 2018

TeeTimeHelper Traffic Increases 62%, Server Upgrade Completed

In order to keep up with ever increasing traffic and system resources for TeeTimeHelper we have increased our server processing capacity and bandwidth.

As the worlds #1 free tee time reservation system for golf groups continues to grow we deemed it necessary to invest in our server hardware.

Number of events have increased 48% and number of RSVPs have surged 62% compared to the same time last year.

This will allow us to process more invites and have quicker response times for the TeeTimeHelper server.

We appreciate your support,

The TeeTimeHelper Team

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Silky Oak Country Club, Banchang Thailand

Silky Oak is one of a trio of golf courses 45 minutes outside of Pattaya, Thailand. St Andrews 2000 and Green Valley share the same clubhouse and facilities.

This is a smart move in that they can gain efficiency staff the clubhouse and locker rooms to serve more golfers. The downside is that the driving range is a long cart ride and the clubhouse is not near the 1st or 18th hole.

Since this is a cart course - you'd be insane to walk it as it can be very hot the distances between the holes/clubhouse/driving range is acceptable. The caddy is driving your cart so you need not worry about where you are going.

Overall the Silky Oak layout is a fun day out. There are a few short par threes. But some of the holes have some heft to them, especially after it rained and you're not getting much roll. Hole 5 has a forced carry off the tee, from the tips it is approximately 210 yards. We played from the whites so it was about 180 yards.

The green looked like they had a disease on many of them, and they were slower compared to other courses near Pattaya. However, they were playable and overall the pace was consistent.

Below are some pictures of Silky Oak Country Club, Banchang

Workshop at the driving range - changing a grip

Consistent fairways

Bunkering is acceptable but a little rough

Some of the greens looks like they are diseased

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Pattaya Golf Country Club - Pattaya, Thailand

Plenty of Caddies ready for work

Located 45 minutes outside of Pattaya, Thailand is the run down Pattaya Country Club.  In a nutshell the service was good, the caddies knowledgeable, and the facilities were  clean but dated. The course is not maintained very well. Everything that had paint on it needs new paint. Every surface needs a power washing. It's almost like their grass trimmer was broken, because every man-made object in the ground needs trimming around it.

We paid about $45USD for greens feed, cart, and caddy.That's the low end for Thailand golf, and we found the reason why it's so inexpensive.

Driving Range

If you want to do any serious practice work on your game this is not the place to go. For starters, the range is 3 kilometers (that is not a typo) from the clubhouse. After checking in, I wanted to warm up.  It seemed like forever riding the golf buggy to the range. The balls were 40 baht for 40 balls. Quite reasonable, except the balls looked like they were gathered from water shots and hit a million times. At one point I wondered if I had cracked my driver because of the strange noise of a completely white unmarked ball.

Below is a summary of the Pattaya Golf Course in pictures:

Not good range balls

Range not maintained

Dated hole signs

Here's a shoe in an unraked  bunker. Does anyone think to clean up this course?

Broken sprinkler in the middle of the fairway

The clubhouse reminds me of Disney World architecture...old and dated from the 70's

Each golfer gets their own cart and caddy to drive it

Bunkers need maintenance

Fairways need help

Snack Bar

Hole markers are strange boxes that look cheap

 Although we had a good time at this course, the constant reminders that it was not up to standards left me thinking I won't be visiting it again anytime soon.