Monday, October 7, 2013

How to RSVP with a "maybe"

We received a suggestion a while back that there should be a "maybe" option to RSVP for a tee time. After careful consideration we have decided that the best way to do this is to RSVP "no" and leave a comment as to why your RSVP may change to yes. That leaves the slot open for someone else to sign up, and also demonstrates your intention to the organizer for planning additional tee times.

We feel it would be confusing if we had added a separate status of "maybe". For example, would it hold a place for the tee time, and possibly lock someone else out? That wouldn't really be fair to the other golfers who know they can  play. Technically you could register yes and hold the spot, but remember you are among friends, and that would not reflect well on you if you simply don't show up or continually cancel at the last minute.

We are making a concerted effort to keep TeeTimeHelper simple and easy to use. If you have any suggestions you may comment on this post or send us a private message using our contact form.


The TeeTimeHelper Team

Saturday, September 21, 2013

TeeTimeHelper Supports the Dan Plan

We were curious - can a golf newbie be a professional with 10,000 hours of practice? That is what Dan is testing by quitting his day job and putting in the hours. Do you need natural talent to be good at golf, or can you do it with just instruction and hard work? It is an experiment of nature versus nurture.

Obviously you need to have some skill and coordination, but do you need something special? Unlike other sports like basketball or hockey which requires you to have more physical traits, golf can be played by almost anyone.

So that brings up the question...if you have the time and willpower, how good can you get? And to help answer these questions we have made a financial donation to the Dan Plan.

Keep up the good work Dan, keep hitting it straight!

The Team

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TeeTimeHelper Reaches Milestone, 300 Golf Events Organized

Golf organizers around the world have benefited by using, the premier golf group organizing tool. With over 300 events organized, golf groups are readily adopting the web tool. "This shows a need in the golfing community, and also demonstrates the robustness of the software", said founder Sam Roseman.

If keeping track of your golf group is too much work, give TeeTimeHelper a try. Everything is handled online and tailored to the golf organizer and golf groups. You an organize your weekly game or just use the tool to set up a golf trip with your friends and keep track of the RSVP's.

The Team

Saturday, September 14, 2013

TeeTimeHelper receives 5 Stars at a Golf Review Web Site

We are pleased to announce that received a five star review at software category. You can read the golf review which is titled "TeeTimeHelper Helps Organize Golf Groups, Outings". We are proud that our hard work developing this online golf software system from scratch is generating nice compliments on other web sites. If you would like to help us out and review the site as well you can go to the link and write our message at the bottom. We appreciate you using our services!

The Team

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Better Mobile Viewing of Golf Events

Some of our long time users may have noticed that our mobile experience just got even better. The event status page is larger and does not require pinching an zooming any longer. All the relevant information is vertically scrollable, so there is no need to try to fit things on your screen as it is all right there with only vertically scrolling.

Also, we added the RSVP form question at the top instead of towards the right side of the screen. This puts it more front and center and also fixes the display issue on mobile devices.

All in all, we've made TeeTimeHelper even easier to use on mobile, because a lot of our users prefer to use it that way or on tablet devices.

The Team

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Golf Radio Show Welcomes TeeTimeHelper Founder

The owner and creator of TeeTimeHelper, Sam Roseman, will make an appearance on a golf radio show "Those Weekend Golf Guys" Saturday, August 31st, 2013 at 1pm EST.  You can hear a live stream or listen to the podcast at . Sam will not only talk about TeeTimeHelper but also his experience with golf in the Middle East.

The radio show is hosted by John Ashton and Kristoff Smith. John is a self described "hacker" while Kristoff was the competitive golfer. Together they put on an entertaining two hour talk show every Friday and Saturday.  They don't like to talk about professionals or the PGA tour, rather they discuss things that make the game more enjoyable to the average golfer. The show is hosted in Kentucky but has a national reach because of the internet streaming.

If you are interested in a media appearance or have any questions you contact Sam at

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Keep your Golf List up-to-date by Cloning

Our "Clone event" option is becoming much more popular, and if you are the golf organizer you should definitely use it. Besides saving you time when you create a new event, it also has the side benefit of keeping your mailing list up-to-date.

For example, if you create event X, you send out your mailing and everything is great. But some people add their full names, others change their e-mail addresses. And you might have invited some golfers after the initial event was created. So if you create another event and use the same list, you will be using old information.

By "cloning" event X to event Y, now you are guaranteed using the list that your golfers have modified. Updated e-mail addresses and what name they prefer to use. It will include everyone on the list, including golfers that you have added at a later date for event X. It's almost like your list is evolving, getting better all the time.

So the way to keep the evolution of your golf list going is to use the "Clone event" when you are ready for event "Z" and beyond.

The Team