Saturday, August 17, 2013

Various Improvements for

Adding the latest set of features gave us the opportunity to put additional debugging code into the system and also give it a through testing. The latest features included giving the ability to message the entire golf group or only certain categories of golfers as well as inviting multiple golfers after the event was created.

Generally the additional debugging code is not visible to the users of TeeTimeHelper but we did uncover some potential glitches that were immediately fixed and uploaded to the production code.

We have worked hard to make the system as robust as possible and welcome any reports of unexpected behavior or feature suggestions. You can use our feedback form to send any comments.

The Team

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tell your Golf Group Organizer to get Organized

 You are conflicted. We understand your problem. You want to be a member of a golf group, but the e-mails generated from being on the listserve are just too much hassle. But if you get off the list then you would miss out on the rare  opportunities you would have to play golf.

Say your golf group goes out 10 times a year, but you can only make it two or three times. Your golf group has twenty people in it. You would get hundreds of e-mails and status updates directly to your inbox because of the reply-alls,  status updates, everyone's travel plans. You don't want all that, you just want to play golf.

There is a solution, we can help. Tell your golf group leader to use  That way you would get only e-mails that are relevant to you and you still get all the information on your buddies if you check the golf event status page when it is convenient for you. No more useless e-mails, tee time updates, golfer travel plans, or bad jokes.

You stay on the list because the list is organized, targeted and efficient. You are happy and your golf organizer is happy.

So tell your golf group buddy to use to organize your golf groups.

The Team

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Make your Group of Golfers Happy

The main hurdle with golf groups is the organizing part.  Say you have 20 or 30 golfers and you want to make some tee times. Without any tools you'll spend the next week on e-mail trying to figure out everyone's schedule and changes and sending status updates. And it drives your golfers nuts because they don't want the organizing to be a big production...they just want to play golf or not and be done with all the e-mails flying around. And of course, they can't say they don't want to be on the list because then they won't ever play golf again. So your golfers are stuck with the hassle of sifting through e-mails in order to get the opportunity to playing golf sometime.

But with the right tools such as your organizing task is now effortless and unobtrusive. Your golfers will be happy because they won't have to sift through dozens of e-mails and status updates in order to do what they want - play golf.

Your golf group will probably be so happy they will shower you with all kinds of golf gifts because you did the hard work of organizing. Little did they know that your task was incredibly easy with

So enjoy your golf with your buddies, and enjoy the time doing what you want to do instead of organizing with

The Team

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Easily Schedule Golf Events

Due to the popularity of our "clone event" feature we decided to make it even more awesome.

"Cloning" an event allows you to use your current event and make a similar golf event by pre-filling most the fields. This saves you time and hassle. For example, your golfers e-mail addresses are automatically shown from a new event page. This allows you to pick a new date and make any changes before  submitting the new golf event.

We make it easy for you to initially set up a golf event and just require your golfers e-mail address without their names. But when your golfers RSVP they can put in a name or nickname if they so choose.  And now, when you clone and event, we preserve the names for the golfers. This makes it easy for you to identify who you are inviting and their status. Additionally, they don't have to add their name each time, they can just click their RSVP preference.

And best of all, this still does not require any registration on their part, your golfers simply use the link sent to them in their e-mail.

Happy Golfing,

The Team

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spend more Time Golfing instead of Organizing

Is trying to manage your golf group more trouble than it's worth? You want to set up some tee times, play some golf, and have some beers afterwards. But you cringe at sending out the e-mail blast because it seems more like babysitting then anything else.

Joe can play...Joe's now sick. .Ellen had to leave for business, Rodger wants to play with Ron because he wants a "game"...Ricks a maybe....etc, etc.

With tee time helper you can get all the status updates and let your golfers manage their own tee times within your event.

TeeTimeHelper sends out the e-mails to everyone individually so there are no reply-all responses that fill everyone's mailboxes. Your golfers are happy, and you are happy. We keep track of the latest golf list, and your golfers can change their status at any time.

As the organizer all you do is make the tee time and sit back and relax and check the status when you want. You get to play more golf and  organize less with

The Team

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tiger or Phil

Most people prefer to root for Tiger or Phil, and I think Phil picked up a lot of followers this week at the British Open, aka the Open Championship.

I usually watch golf not only because I enjoy it, but it's a safe subject for my kids to minimize their exposure to adult themes, violence or bad language. That combined with skipping through commercials on the TV made the Golf Channel a nice "go-to" channel.

But after watching this years British Open and comparing the reactions and mannerisms from Tiger and Phil, the choice for me is obvious - I wouldn't want my kids to act like Tiger. Tiger cursed several times on TV, yelled out in anger over shots, and made me feel uncomfortable.

After all the golf I watched over the last 10 years, I can't recall a golfer actually telling a caddie "it's my fault". I've seen golfers chew out their caddies, act disgusted, etc. But never actually take responsibility for a bad shot publicly like Phil did.

And when Phil won, you can see the hug he gave "Bones". There was no back slapping after a second, which is secret guy code for "stop hugging me". They hugged for a few seconds, and then both released because it was genuine.

After the win Phil hugged his family, something that I don't see Tiger doing anytime soon. As a father who knows how much less time you have to do things when you have a family vs. being single, it makes it all the more impressive. Who would you rather have your kids watch?

Saturday, July 20, 2013 is Mobile Friendly

Organize Tee Times on our Mobile Phone

One of the nice things about using is that you can not only setup an event on your mobile phone but users on mobile phones can RSVP for tee times easily.

To keep things simple we do not even require a specific app for this service. Here's how the golf event RSVP system works. When the organizer sets up a new event an e-mail is sent by to all the golfers requesting an RSVP response of  "yes" or "no".

The golfers can click on the link to either choose their tee time, be added to the waiting list (if no tee time is available) or respond with "no". The link in their e-mail automatically opens up a web browser which allows them to enter their response. All the web site links on are mobile friendly in that it is easy to navigate and save their settings.

The golfers can also click the link just to view the golf event status, who is playing, who cannot make it, and any comments people have added.

At this point the golfer and bookmark the web page for easy future access or save the e-mail to click on the link to check the event status at a later date.

So give a try on your cell phone!

The Team